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What is Paint Correction?

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Paint correction is the process of removing defects in your clear coat that cause a reduction in gloss and clarity. These defects are things like oxidation, swirls, scratches, and etchings caused by bugs, bird-bombs, and acid rain. This is a more intensive, therefore costly, procedure than an exterior maintenance wash. However, the results are mind-blowing. ***We highly recommend this service as a first-time service for our new clients. Once we dial in the paint to a "like-new" finish, then we can focus on maintaining the finish to keep it in top shape going forward.***

Each paint correction package includes the following 

  • Strip wash (similar to a maintenance wash, but strips the surface of current waxes or sealants to prepare for polishing)

  • Chemical Decontamination (fallout remover) 

  • Mechanical Decontamination (clay bar)

  • Paint Correction Process

  • Sealant Application (or ceramic application)

***We have laid out the services below to show what you can expect from each package. We always try to exceed our customers' expectations, but please understand that you cannot get 3-step results if you only paid for an "all-in-one" process. We will do our best to make sure you understand what to expect before scheduling a service.***

Paint Correction Services: Services


This service is similar to the AiO process, but this package removes light to moderate defects due to a more intense polishing technique. A 1-step can provide ~70% defect removal. This polish has no wax or sealant included, so it will be followed by a longer-lasting 6 month sealant step. 

This process is perfect for a new car before applying a good ceramic coating or sealant. It also is a good choice for a car that has been corrected before but sees a lot of harsh conditions from daily driving. 

***Ceramic coatings are available with this package in place of a sealant or wax for maximum gloss and protection.***



Full Size Sedan/Crossover-$420+

Extended Truck/Full Size SUV-$450+


This package steps up to a more intense 2-step process. We start with a stronger compound to remove deeper defects like water-etching, heavy swirls and scratches, and more severe oxidation. That is followed by a finishing polish and an application of a dedicated sealant/wax (or ceramic coating). This process will remove 85-90% of the vehicle's defects in most cases, leaving only the deepest defects behind.

If you have never had a paint correction before, we recommend that you start here. 

***Ceramic coatings are available with this package in place of a sealant or wax for maximum gloss and protection.***



Small Truck/Crossover/Wagon-$725+

Extended Truck/Full Size SUV-$780+

Paint Correction Services: Services


This is the most intense correction package offered. This is intended for a seriously neglected vehicle with DEEP scratches and extreme oxidation potentially caused by years of drive-through car washes and/or being exposed to the elements without proper protection. This package will incorporate an intense cutting stage with potential local wetsanding, followed by a medium polish, finishing polish, and a sealant application (or ceramic coating).

***Ceramic coating applications are available with this package in place of a sealant or wax for maximum gloss and protection.***



Small Truck/Crossover/Wagon-$1000+

Extended Truck/Full Size SUV-$1150+


The paint enhancement process is our BASELINE package, and it is meant to clean the paint and restore gloss while leaving behind a light layer of protection in the form of a wax or synthetic sealant. This is a great option for a car that has had a more intense correction before and just needs a light refresher. While this is budget-friendly, it is not intended to remove major defects. This process provides 30-50% defect removal. If your car is in a little worse shape we recommend you starting with a more intense paint CORRECTION process.



Small Truck/Crossover/Wagon-$350+

Extended Truck/Full Size SUV-$375+

Paint Correction Results

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