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STEK Paint Protection Film

We are happy to be Birmingham's only accredited installer of STEK paint protection films. With their leading hydrophobic and self-healing topcoat technology, some of the glossiest films on the market, and a 10 year warranty, STEK is the perfect choice to protect your new vehicle. Whatever your budget, we have a protection package for you (below) or we can add coverage on a per-panel basis if needed. Contact us to setup an appointment.
Never worry about rock chips, scuffs, scratches, etc. EVER AGAIN on your new vehicle.

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Partial Front Coverage

This package provides excellent front impact coverage while keeping the cost budget friendly. This package covers full front bumper, partial coverage on hood and fenders, and mirror caps.

$800-1,250 design dependant

Full Front Coverage

Easily the most desired coverage option. This package covers full hood, full fenders, front bumper, and mirror caps for maximum front end protection and an ultra clean install.

$1,800-$2,200 design dependant

Track Pack

This package is specially designed for sports cars, trucks with large offset tires, or track cars that regularly get hit down low with rocks and rubber pellets. This incorporates full rocker panel coverage as well as all the areas from the "Full Front" package.

$2,200-$2,600 design dependant

Full Coverage

The no expense spared approach. Full coverage for the vehicle, front to back.

$5,500+ design dependant

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